brake parts

We specialize iin high precision turning for Volume manufacturing of special parts on:
  • Multi-spindle automatic Devanports.
  • CNC turning
We excel at manufacturing special parts as per buyer requirement

Our well equipped product development team can convert your specific requirements into a "producible" solution in the shortest possible time

Bleed Screw

A bleed screw is used to create a temporary opening in an otherwise closed brake system to facilitate removal of air to maintain optiomal pressure for effective braking

Manufactured with utmost precision, conforming to the most stringent safety standards, we manufacture these for many Automotives giants

These have:

Bleed Screw

Connector Assembly

High Precision turned and stamped part assemblies used for brake fluid line connection from master cylinder to wheel cylinders.

Connector Assembly Connector Assembly Connector Assembly

Pipe Nuts

These are used over the flared end of a brake fluid pipe or fuel pipe and are used to connect the tube to the connector. Pipe nuts form a tight joint which prevent leakage of hydraulic oil or fuel

Pipe Nut