accurate grease fittings

 an overview

Amongst the top Grease fitting manufacturers in the world we produce over 60 million grease fittings per annum in our state of the art manufacturing plant located in Chennai, India.   An ISO/TS16949 company we are a most favored Grease fittings supplier for most Automotive OEM's across the globe.
An impressive operation comprising of the best Multi Spindle Automats, Automatic light sensor actuated assembly equipment & qualified 6 sigma staff we deliver output under 100 ppm.   Almost 50 years of grease fitting manufacturing experience has translated into what is referred to as the "ACCURATE STANDARD". This is derived from a host of international Standards such as the SAE, BS, DIN, JIS, Is, combined with best manufacturing practices & fine details acquired over this years.

Size, Threads & Lip

Grease Fitting Size, Threads and Lip
Controlled within +/- 0.001" (25 microns)
(12 times tighter than SAEJ534 tolerance)

Super strong
rolled threads

Formed in turning
perfect concentricity with threads


To ensure that you get a certified quality product, free from any defects, all Accurate Grease Fittings are subjected to rigors of through testing for:


Upto 6000 PSI

ensure that when grease is filled in the grease fittings at a pressure of 6000 PSI-grease will flow properly and steel ball shall return to original position.


Upto 426 PSI

Grease fittings are designed to open at a pressure under 426 PSI.


Upto 506 PSI

Our Grease fittings are designed to withstand pressure upto 506 PSI.


Grease fitting hardness Hardening
In Seal Quench Furnaces
Eliminates Scaling Ensures perfect control of Case Depth

Controlled to a minimum of 83 on rockwell 15N scale

Case Depth
0.005"-0.009"(0.13mm - 0.23mm)

Grease Fittings are tested with 6.6 lbs load dropped at 90° to
the fittings center line, to ensure proper heat treatment and
resistance of the fitting to impact

Concentricity, Plating & Spring

Grease Fitting Concentricity of Ball
within 0.00004" (1 micron)

Exceeds ASTM B117 standards. Salt spray life of 75 hrs to red rust
Plating thicknees within (5 microns)
*Trivalent plating (Cr 6+ free & RoHS Compliant)


Special grade 3 German Music Wire ensures accurate opening, pressure
Increased resistance to wear